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Basic information:

SecuredNetwork has logging system built-in for easier troubleshooting from both user's and developer's side. Customization is available in SecuredNetwork's config.yml file. It is recommended to have logs disabled if you don't experience any problems with the plugin to save disk space.

File system:

Each log file represents one lifecycle of the plugin - from time when it's enabled till it's disabled. All log files are saved in folder named ,,logs" located in plugin's folder and are saved in format yyyy-MM-dd_HH:mm:ss.log represeting date and time of the file creation. All entries in log file are saved in format:

Log file entry format

[yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS] LEVEL: [PREFIX] message

Please continue reading the wiki for more information about levels and prefixes.

Log entry parts:


Log entry timestamp is formatted into following format: [yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS]. The following table describes each replacement:

Replacement Description
yyyy Year
MM Month
dd Day
HH Hour
mm Minute
ss Second
SSS Millisecond


Information in log files are logged on 3 different levels:

Level Description
INFO Messages informing about statuses or processes in the plugin.
WARN Messages related to wrong configuration or invalid values.
ERROR Messages related to errors (example: ,,Error while connecting to the database server!").


Every logged message has it's own prefix representing the source of the message:

Prefix (source) Description
- General message (example: ,,Registering listeners and commands.").
API Messages related to plugin's API. Proxy-only.
AUTHENTICATOR Authenticator messages displaying the passphrase authentication results.
CONNECTOR Messages informing whether a player is allowed to join, or if not, displays the cause.
UPDATER Updater messages. Proxy-only.
WHITELIST Messages related to the IP whitelist. Proxy-only.

Comparision to console:

The most important messages are also printed into the console. However, if you want to find something, it always better to look into SecuredNetwork's log files, as they are more organised and detailed, thanks to the prefixes.

Also, to keep console clear and to prevent error floods, no error stacktraces are logged into the console. Since this fact, if you find any error, please look into the log file.