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Copies all data of a scoreboard from one data storage to the another one. This does not delete any previous data in the target data storage, only updates them with new data (for example if a record in right-mode scoreboard of player XYZ already exists in the target data storage, it is updated - data are replaced with the new ones).


You can copy all data from a scoreboard using the copy command with this syntax:

Copy command syntax

/cps copy <right|left|hack> <file|database>


Requirements and recommendations:

To access this operation, several things are required:

Please note that only data available at the start of the operation will be copied. Therefore, you should make sure nobody is running a CPS-test as the data will not be copied.

Process phases:

During the whole process the command sender (player or console) will be informed about phase changes. Here you can see all phases, their order, descriptions, corresponding messages in config.yml.

Order Description Corresponding message
1st All data are being got from the specified scoreboard. command.main.copy.phase.getting
2nd Checks if the scoreboard is empty, if so, sends a message and the process does not continue. command.main.copy.phase.nothing
3rd Writes all data into the target data storage, notifies the command sender about progress as per set delay. command.main.copy.phase.writing.message

If no error occurred and all phases have finished, the process finished.


All errors produceable by this operation are listed here. To troubleshoot the error, in which stage it occurred, look at the last phase message (phase information is sent when the certain phase starts, so if an error is displayed and the last phase message you have got is ,,Getting all data", process failed in the 1st phase).

If you get any of these errors, you must run the copy command again. As stated at the top of this page, data are updated, not deleted - error occurred in any phase during the process will not cause any data loses.

File-sided errors:

Description Corresponding message
An error has occurred (full error will be displayed in the console). command.main.copy.error.file.error

Database-sided errors:

Description Corresponding message
An error has occurred due to lost connection to the database server. command.main.copy.error.database.disconnected
An other error (not caused by disconnection) has occurred (full error will be displayed in the console). command.main.copy.error.database.other