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Plugin commands:

The base command is /cps. Permissions cps.* and cps.command.* are universal permissions for all commands. Here's a quick summary:

Command: Permission: Description:
/cps stats <name|uuid> cps.command.stats Displays statistics of a player represented by an UUID or player's name. If your server is on offline-mode, UUIDs may not work properly. If the player hasn't played on the server before, only UUID version can be used.
/cps scoreboard <right|left|hack> [page] cps.command.scoreboard Displays scoreboard on the specified page (or 1st page if not specified).
/cps copy <right|left|hack> <file|database> cps.command.copy Copies a scoreboad from the opposite storage (as the specified one) to the specified one. Please see copying page.
/cps reformat cps.command.reformat Reformats all data in all scoreboards that use an outdated data format.
/cps reload cps.command.reload Reloads the plugin.
/cps help Displays the help page.

<> - required argument, [] - optional argument

CPS-test commands:

This step refers to configuration section at test.command in config.yml file.

In test.command.main you can specify all base commands (for example cpstest) to be used for managing CPS-test. These commands should be written without the first slash. If you use cps in this list, please make sure that any configured sub-command does not override any of built-in ones (copy, stats...).

Next, you need to specify all sub-commands to use in combination with the base command specified above, to start/cancel a CPS-test. For example, when you set start sub-commands like that:

Start sub-command configuration example

  - "start"

Player will have to use /cpstest start (if the main command is only "cpstest") to start the CPS-test. If this is set only to [] - e.g. no sub-commands, CPS-test start will be bound to the main command. This means that player will have to use /cpstest (if the main command is only "cpstest"). The same applies to the cancel command.

If both start and cancel sub-commands are set to [], start and end actions will be bound to the main command - e.g. player will have to use the main command to both start and cancel the CPS-test.


Parent permissions e.g. cps.* are available.

Permission: Description:
cps.admin.updater Everytime you join the server, you will be notified about the latest plugin version.
cps.bypass.autoClick Bypasses actions sent if achieved CPS are higher than allowed. Although, the test result will not be saved. Bypasses allowed world requirement to run a CPS-test command.