About me

Hello! My name is David and I live in Europe. On the internet I am known as davidcubesvk. My hobby is electronics - designing and making my own circuits, messing up with microcomputers and also programming. I am the author of this website (obviously :D) and also plugins designed for Minecraft game servers. You can download them here. Although I am still a student, I try to put all my effort into programming, into every resource, into every update... and also into this website. To make usage of my plugins easier, I created a lot wiki pages including setup instructions, simply everything you need. If you are still lost, I am here to help you!

My projects

These buttons will redirect you to plugin pages. For more links, go to tab ,,Projects".

Support (contact)

Have you found any problem or want to suggest any new feature? Contact me through Discord (optimal), or straight through the SpigotMC site. All methods are listed on the ,,Support" tab. Although my plugins are currently all free, I provide really fast and reliable support (answering commonly in 24 hours).